Headcrack – Parchman Prison

Not the dice game, Cee-lo, played in the inner cities and rural America, but what I witnessed scrolling through today’s headlines, opinions and trends, is enough to make a headcrack, literally. Any sensible mind would explode if not equipped with a safety valve to diffuse and release. Public deception is a well polished working apparatus.

Trending? Trending is Drake and Future dropping a new single, and the masses of the least of these flocking to it like sheep to a flame. What are the robots drunk on? Honestly, the hardest part of writing this is having to sift through the babble in the comment section under their new video to see what’s being said about it by the mindless robots, sheep for the slaughter – lamb chops!

The song is about bitches, drugs, and money. The masses are thoroughly enthralled and seem to love it.

On the other side of reality, Black Americans are dealing with prosecutors, judges, and juries, like in Willie Nash’s case, who was originally charged with a misdemeanor, but ended up being charged and sentenced to twelve years behind bars. Mr Nash received the heavy sentence for having a cell phone. He asked a guard to charge his phone after being booked and placed in his cell. One of the staff failed to confiscate the cell phone upon entry, however the judicial system decided a dozen years in prison was appropriate, although it was the correctional facility’s error. Willie Nash is a husband and a father to three young girls. The government, and too many of our fellow citizens have little to no issue breaking up Black families, and destroying their lives. All the while our own people are obsessed with Drake and Future cursing to a beat.

Mr. Nash is hardly alone, Mississippi has the third largest prison population in the nation. Parchman prison is one of the worst in America. In the first week of January, five inmates were shanked-up and murdered. Pictures of dead and mutilated bodies were leaked to the media and family members, showing the violence and carnage which is said to be inflamed by correctional officers who provide rivals with weapons and keys to one another’s cells for ambush attacks. Staff are encouraging the violence.

Kudos to Yandy Smith from Love and Hip Hop NY for traveling from Harlem to Jackson Mississippi’s Parchman prison to raise awareness to the human rights violations that our Black brothers and sisters are experiencing in this and many other prisons and jails.

There’s a time, eh, for Future and Drake collaborations, and I’m glad that they’re ‘Living Good,’ but slinging lyrics about a lifestyle which helps to fill penitentiary beds isn’t helping Black America in 2020. This ain’t a game, it’s really life and death!

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