The State of African Americans 2020 Vision

The State of Black America is a disaster. One problem not to be taken lightly is that the majority of Black Americans don’t want to accept their lineage. American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans) sway back and forth with a part of them in Africa and the other physically living the reality of being an American. For them, the wounds of slavery are still fresh as they live out daily acts of racism that are manufactured into the structure of American life. For this bottom caste stability in life has been merely an aspiration primarily because their group has yet to name and identify themselves for themselves.

Although being in America long before there was the United States of America this group of Black Americans has mistakenly allowed even the newest citizens with the ink still drying on their citizenship papers to control their narratives. Have you ever seen a broadcast of Jewish Americans speaking on the behalf of Italian Americans or any other group speaking as an authoritative figure on another culture’s behalf? A week or two ago Oprah tried it and the Mexicans hung her out to dry for not living their experiences and thinking that reading a book or two gives one carte blanche authority on their lived experiences.

The term African American is so unstable that it’s not recognized anywhere in any other country on earth, not even by the African Union. Worst, for those who the designation was intended, are quiet, as the term African American and their culture are being weaponized against them. Most Black people globally know their race is Black but they also know their distinct group’s ethnic lineage(s) and it isn’t an American Descendant of Slavery but they’re admitted to utilizing African American at will. These groups are allowed to co-op the African American lineage for their personal benefit without demands on them to restore what they extract. Issa Rae and Daniel Kaluuya whom the latter is set to play our heroic and beloved Fred Hampton has publicly said they’re sick and tired of talking about race. You can’t play Fred Hampton if you’re sick and tired of talking about race! Cynthia Erivo also falls into this category because she was publicly recorded ridiculing and demeaning Native Black Americans. So-called people of color even get to tell American Descendants of Slavery what they can and cannot name themselves, or identify as. And, they’re backed by the elite as well as other misguided African Americans who have broad powerful platforms like the NAACP, The National Urban League, The Black Caucus, MSNBC, ABC, and others. A small group of newly arrived Black immigrants (1965-2020) have more power in America than those who trace their lineage in America back several hundred years simply because the latter group have yet to properly name and identify themselves, as well as set “healthy” boundaries around their culture so that they can capitalize on and control their resources (the richness of their culture).

To regain control over our narratives a fraction of African Americans have abandoned the term for new ethnic designations such as, American Descendants of Slavery, Foundational Black American, and Native Black American, all of which recognizes that our identity is firmly rooted in America first and foremost so that we focus on fixing our immediate affairs here where we actually live our daily lives. There is no ill will or animosity aimed at Blacks who identify as West Indian or Continental African or any other place in the diaspora but it’s time for self-care and centering ourselves in our social, economic, and political affairs for a better future which is what everyone wants for themselves and others. 

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