CARES ACT For Everyone But Native Black Americans, Pt1


Five days ago, March, 25, 2020, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund hailed Comcast as a hero for offering Xfinity WiFi to low income earners free of charge for two months. However, two weeks prior to that, Comcast successfully gutted the first civil rights bill, known as the civil rights act of 1866 by persuading the Supreme Court to rule that discrimination cases can’t be litigated unless victims of racism can find a smoking gun, which is like trying to find the word NIGGER in a batch of emails one doesn’t have access to.

It’s damn near impossible to prove explicit racism. Black leadership in America is fraudulent and needs to be examined with a magnifying glass because it doesn’t serve the Native Black American community well at all.

Comcast disables civil rights in 2020 with hate crimes on the rise and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund lionizes them? What am I missing? Matter of fact, what are we as a community not understanding about failed black leadership?

It’s no surprise to me that TMCF is also touting their role in securing $1.05 Billion in HBCU funding despite the fact that the bulk of the money will be diverted to DACA students instead of Native Black Americans. My big issue with taking money from an already underserved ethnic group of Black Americans (American Descendants of Slavery) is immigrant businesses don’t have a good track record of hiring or promoting Native Black Americans in their businesses or the corporations they manage.

Instead of spending this money on non citizens the Thurgood Marshall College Fund ought to invest more in NativeBlack American K-12, so that these vulnerable children receive better education and support. Use this money to hire people who genuinely care for this specific group and will give all that they’ve got to ensure that this group’s children are well supported in their growth to becoming fully functioning and productive community members.

I’m not sorry that I don’t trust the immigrant population to help uplift the Native Black American community. There’s no historical proof that says I’m wrong.

Harry L Williams is the president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and he’s worked with Cory Booker, Karen Bass, and others who’s main goal in securing HBCU funding from the CARES ACT (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) is to pass that money onto the 800,000 DACA students now flooding to Historically Black Colleges.

The Native Black American community would be wise to read what’s in the CARES ACT so they can see for themselves what’s in the bill, who benefits, and who doesn’t. All I’ve seen after reading the first 100 pages is American Descendants of Slavery will get next to nothing except an empty cart. Leave it up to black leadership in America to secure nothing for American Descendants of Slavery while leaving us to foot the bill for everyone else’s benefit.

Democrats Have Lost It

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a so called, African American (he’s not), has a pinned tweet on his Twitter page, that says, “we must hold this President accountable. We can’t stop, won’t stop! We must impeach this President!” Tell me if I’m wrong, but haven’t Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden done more to harm Americans than Donald Trump?

Joe (Jim Crow) Biden has bragged repeatedly about writing the 1994 Crime Bill which is responsible for America’s rise to prison infamy. America holds 25% of the world’s prison population.

Mike Bloomberg, “bought” his third term as mayor of NY, and did so with little to no pushback is allowed to run for POTUS on the Democratic ticket without so much as a peep from the Democratic establishment although, he routinely violated the civil rights and liberties of Black Americans.

Democrats don’t deserve the loyal base it has. The Democrats’ base are African Americans, more accurately, American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans). And, as more and more “African Americans” wise up to the political veil of the DNC, the more their base erodes.

Mike Bloomberg, and Joe Biden represent the worst kind of liberal. They attempt to hide their disdain for the Democratic base by throwing scraps at our feet. Bloomberg, after a decade of siccing his rabid dogs on innocent Americans, even children, ensnared in the school to prison pipeline, says he is going to invest 70 Billion into 100 poverty stricken areas across the nation as an olive branch to the community he terrorized for 12 years. The problem is and the base knows this is, Mike’s plan is a “place” based plan,” although his fallacious tough on crime policy was a “race” based plan.” Native Black Americans aren’t buying it! We see you charlatans for who you are, not the color of your party’s mascot. We’re not voting blue-no-matter-who, jackasses!

If the Democrats don’t figure out who their base has been for the past 50 years and adopt a true Black Agenda, they better hope the impeachment works. If not, four more years of Trump is looking pretty likely. However, even with Trump out of the picture, Democrats have been exposed for the backstabbers they are and it will continue to haunt them long after the 2020 elections.