CARES ACT For Everyone But Native Black Americans, Pt1


Five days ago, March, 25, 2020, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund hailed Comcast as a hero for offering Xfinity WiFi to low income earners free of charge for two months. However, two weeks prior to that, Comcast successfully gutted the first civil rights bill, known as the civil rights act of 1866 by persuading the Supreme Court to rule that discrimination cases can’t be litigated unless victims of racism can find a smoking gun, which is like trying to find the word NIGGER in a batch of emails one doesn’t have access to.

It’s damn near impossible to prove explicit racism. Black leadership in America is fraudulent and needs to be examined with a magnifying glass because it doesn’t serve the Native Black American community well at all.

Comcast disables civil rights in 2020 with hate crimes on the rise and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund lionizes them? What am I missing? Matter of fact, what are we as a community not understanding about failed black leadership?

It’s no surprise to me that TMCF is also touting their role in securing $1.05 Billion in HBCU funding despite the fact that the bulk of the money will be diverted to DACA students instead of Native Black Americans. My big issue with taking money from an already underserved ethnic group of Black Americans (American Descendants of Slavery) is immigrant businesses don’t have a good track record of hiring or promoting Native Black Americans in their businesses or the corporations they manage.

Instead of spending this money on non citizens the Thurgood Marshall College Fund ought to invest more in NativeBlack American K-12, so that these vulnerable children receive better education and support. Use this money to hire people who genuinely care for this specific group and will give all that they’ve got to ensure that this group’s children are well supported in their growth to becoming fully functioning and productive community members.

I’m not sorry that I don’t trust the immigrant population to help uplift the Native Black American community. There’s no historical proof that says I’m wrong.

Harry L Williams is the president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and he’s worked with Cory Booker, Karen Bass, and others who’s main goal in securing HBCU funding from the CARES ACT (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) is to pass that money onto the 800,000 DACA students now flooding to Historically Black Colleges.

The Native Black American community would be wise to read what’s in the CARES ACT so they can see for themselves what’s in the bill, who benefits, and who doesn’t. All I’ve seen after reading the first 100 pages is American Descendants of Slavery will get next to nothing except an empty cart. Leave it up to black leadership in America to secure nothing for American Descendants of Slavery while leaving us to foot the bill for everyone else’s benefit.


Individualism Is a Hoax


Angered and tired of being the mules for wealthy warmongers, indentured Whites and American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans) ancestors rebelled against the one percent (Bacon’s Rebellion, 1676, Jamestown, Virginia). Since then, classism has been replaced by racism in an attempt to keep Native Black Americans from consolidating resources, materially or socially, for the benefit of their collective uplift and stability. Although great powers are invested in keeping NBA/ADOS unity fragmented now’s an optimal time to move from individualism back to collectivism in an effort to restore our family and extended family ties.

The last time American Descendants of Slavery had a semblance of control over our culture along with a sense of solidarity we created the D.A.P., an era of Dignity and Pride. It drove Native Black Americans to become creators and innovators, and pushed us to not only strengthen our family and extended family bonds, its appeal also inspired Black people around the world to say it with their chest, I’m Black and I’m Proud.

The assassination of Martin Luther king Jr, the war on drugs, and the creation of crack cocaine were orchestrated to crush and pulverize the very necessary bridges that family and fictive-kin upholds for any success that the NBA/ADOS community might have, short of federally funded reparations.

While the institution of slavery sought to annihilate the humanity of American Descendants of Slavery and failed, individualism is achieving what the institution could not – divisive forms of classism has taken root within the group, plus there’s a widening blind spot among Blacks who are generation X or younger. Wealth isn’t being transferred as one generation passes and the next steps into their shoes. Instead we’re seeing generations of poverty or at the most an individual makes it up a rung only to see their fortune stolen or lost by the time the next generation is ready to assume it or some time within the next generation’s lifetime – the fortune is no more, thus, Native Black Americans are the only ethnic group poised to live a worse quality of life than their parents. This is no coincidence. There’s a reason the NBA/ADOS community who have been tricked into thinking in terms of individualism only see their wealth circulate within their community once maybe twice while others see theirs circulate dozens and dozens of times. We’ve been hoodwinked.

Many immigrant groups rely on extended kin for help in saving money to launch migrations and to care for property and personal belongings while the migrant is away. Once in the United States, immigrants co-reside with sponsors and are provided a variety of aid including housing, meals, clothing, public transportation passes, and assistance securing employment (Bashir, 2007).

Looking at the above family solidarity model, Native Black Americans can envision what reclaiming their culture of collectivism might look like. Dignity and Pride doesn’t have to be a thing of the past with us. It does however rely on us pausing from our lifestyle of hyper-individualism to examine how much it has cost us so far, and to be brave enough to step into our collective uplift with courage.
Think about it. You’re a Native Black American and you’ve just pulled yourself up in the world and made yourself a ton of money. Knowing the social hierarchy and the history of racism in the country, who do you trust? Where do you save your money? Do you save it with Wells Fargo or Chase bank, those institutions who bankrolled slavery? Now that Johnny Cochran is gone, which law firm do you trust your life with? How do you leverage individualism in a racist landscape? Healthcare is no different. We are dying because of a racist healthcare system, not because it’s inadequate, but because as individuals we can’t defend ourselves from racism. Name and consider the amount of Black celebrities who’ve complained that they’ve almost died giving birth? Don’t let liberals or conservatives fool you – everyone else is working as a collective and it’s time that we stop getting rolled.

Rebuilding our family and extended family structures and working as a collective must be a priority on ADOS’ journey for restorative justice in the form of reparations for 400 years of sanctioned and legalized abuse.

The State of African Americans 2020 Vision

The State of Black America is a disaster. One problem not to be taken lightly is that the majority of Black Americans don’t want to accept their lineage. American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans) sway back and forth with a part of them in Africa and the other physically living the reality of being an American. For them, the wounds of slavery are still fresh as they live out daily acts of racism that are manufactured into the structure of American life. For this bottom caste stability in life has been merely an aspiration primarily because their group has yet to name and identify themselves for themselves.

Although being in America long before there was the United States of America this group of Black Americans has mistakenly allowed even the newest citizens with the ink still drying on their citizenship papers to control their narratives. Have you ever seen a broadcast of Jewish Americans speaking on the behalf of Italian Americans or any other group speaking as an authoritative figure on another culture’s behalf? A week or two ago Oprah tried it and the Mexicans hung her out to dry for not living their experiences and thinking that reading a book or two gives one carte blanche authority on their lived experiences.

The term African American is so unstable that it’s not recognized anywhere in any other country on earth, not even by the African Union. Worst, for those who the designation was intended, are quiet, as the term African American and their culture are being weaponized against them. Most Black people globally know their race is Black but they also know their distinct group’s ethnic lineage(s) and it isn’t an American Descendant of Slavery but they’re admitted to utilizing African American at will. These groups are allowed to co-op the African American lineage for their personal benefit without demands on them to restore what they extract. Issa Rae and Daniel Kaluuya whom the latter is set to play our heroic and beloved Fred Hampton has publicly said they’re sick and tired of talking about race. You can’t play Fred Hampton if you’re sick and tired of talking about race! Cynthia Erivo also falls into this category because she was publicly recorded ridiculing and demeaning Native Black Americans. So-called people of color even get to tell American Descendants of Slavery what they can and cannot name themselves, or identify as. And, they’re backed by the elite as well as other misguided African Americans who have broad powerful platforms like the NAACP, The National Urban League, The Black Caucus, MSNBC, ABC, and others. A small group of newly arrived Black immigrants (1965-2020) have more power in America than those who trace their lineage in America back several hundred years simply because the latter group have yet to properly name and identify themselves, as well as set “healthy” boundaries around their culture so that they can capitalize on and control their resources (the richness of their culture).

To regain control over our narratives a fraction of African Americans have abandoned the term for new ethnic designations such as, American Descendants of Slavery, Foundational Black American, and Native Black American, all of which recognizes that our identity is firmly rooted in America first and foremost so that we focus on fixing our immediate affairs here where we actually live our daily lives. There is no ill will or animosity aimed at Blacks who identify as West Indian or Continental African or any other place in the diaspora but it’s time for self-care and centering ourselves in our social, economic, and political affairs for a better future which is what everyone wants for themselves and others. 

Immigrants Did Not Build It Bernie

Bernie Sanders was my choice for POTUS in election cycle 2016, and boy, I’m glad that didn’t workout for him or I. It’s the worst, voting for a candidate who wins only to discover a couple of years, months, or even weeks later that you’ve made a serious misjudgment. They say 2020 is the year of clarity and vision for those who’s ancestors suffered chattel slavery in North America. So far, they’re right!

With over 6K likes and 1K retweets, Sanders is in a lot of bad company. In his tweet today, January 27, 2020, he engaged in the exact disinformation language that has derailed the presidential campaigns of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Mr. Sanders tweets, “This country was built by immigrants. The American people want comprehensive, humane immigration reform. We must reverse these Trump programs which are designed to demonize and hurt those who are the most vulnerable of all.”

First, the people who Sanders is speaking of aren’t citizens of the U.S. Second, Native Black Americans, American Descendants of Slavery are not immigrants. Native Black Americans built America. If not for this group the British, Germans, Dutch, and others wouldn’t have been able to build such an empire. The Roanoke Colony, the first colony, and many others tried and failed, until they forced the ancestors of Native Black Americans to build and develop this land, United States of America.

As much as I’d like to expound on that era, I must get back to the disrespect Bernie Sanders leveled at “African Americans.” Native Black Americans were literally the money, the collateral, who laid down their lives and sacrificed the most during the building of America. This particular ethnic group bore the cross for greedy warmongers, tobacco and rail barons, the extremely wealthy, and peasants from around the world to come here and thrive. The first commodity on the stock exchange were humans, African Americans. I’m beyond how dare he. The entire Democratic presidential lineup has disrespected this ethnic group with the exception of Marianne Williamson, who the Democrats went out of their way to shoo away and ignore.

Bernie Sanders said in his tweet that Trump’s program hurt the most vulnerable, immigrants. This statement is outrageous, considering in Vermont, Native Black Americans make up only 1.8 percent of the population but 11 percent of its prison population. Across the nation, Native Black Americans make up 50 percent of the U.S homeless population. For those who don’t know, prison is a nice term for slave plantation. Guess what, once slaves were free, our government left them homeless and bootless, with no straps to pull themselves up. Same as today, with every Democrat running for POTUS saying immigrants built this country. Trump of all people told the truth, “African Americans,” built this country.

When freed Native Black Americans fled the South to the North in search of a better life, they encountered immigrants who were just as hostile and inhumane toward them as the Confederate. That’s what America does to immigrants. It teaches them the social hierarchy that they must adhere to, to get along, which consists of “African Americans” being a bottom caste. That is how the Chinese were able to build businesses in freedman communities but freedmen could not. They were systematically denied jobs, land ownership, and the right to pursue the American Dream by immigrants, as well as, government.

This is crazy! Democrats have been railing about the mistreatment of non citizens when the most American of Americans, African Americans, have not yet realized first class citizenship. 

Immigrants aren’t the most vulnerable, Bernie Sanders. Immigrants makeup nearly 40 percent of new housing growth, while Native Black Americans have lost ground in this segment ever since 1965, the year they secured more Civil Rights for all. The foreign born population has grown four times as large as they were in 1965. During this same period, not only have the labor force declined for Native Black Americans but their wages have shrunk, and this has led to them committing crimes of poverty (crimes born from desperation). Native Black Americans receive less SBA loans than do Immigrants, and they have just 2.6 percent of the nation’s wealth, despite building the most wealthy nation on earth, that others, including non-citizens access more than they.

I could go on and I just might in another article, but for now, let me say this, either I’m not a Democrat like I once thought or African Americans (not all blacks in America have the same ethnicity) need to form a coup of the Democratic party. They’ve held that party together since the 1930’s, a time when all immigrants combined formed just 12% or less of America’s population – built what, Mr. Sanders!? 

Black Americans have been voting Democrat at 90 percent for the past 50 years and never got the advocacy this party shows non-citizens. Black Americans must demand tangibles for their vote. Voting is an exchange, and Bernie Sanders’ tweet exemplifies what this government has always done to this particular ethnic group – deny and ignore their contributions to this great nation. That’s why 2020 is shaping up to be the year of clarity. Let’s see if Democrats get the picture after this election since they didn’t get it in 2016 – Russian Bots smh – more like Native Black Americans are beginning to demand a return on their investment. 

Democrats Have Lost It

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a so called, African American (he’s not), has a pinned tweet on his Twitter page, that says, “we must hold this President accountable. We can’t stop, won’t stop! We must impeach this President!” Tell me if I’m wrong, but haven’t Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden done more to harm Americans than Donald Trump?

Joe (Jim Crow) Biden has bragged repeatedly about writing the 1994 Crime Bill which is responsible for America’s rise to prison infamy. America holds 25% of the world’s prison population.

Mike Bloomberg, “bought” his third term as mayor of NY, and did so with little to no pushback is allowed to run for POTUS on the Democratic ticket without so much as a peep from the Democratic establishment although, he routinely violated the civil rights and liberties of Black Americans.

Democrats don’t deserve the loyal base it has. The Democrats’ base are African Americans, more accurately, American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans). And, as more and more “African Americans” wise up to the political veil of the DNC, the more their base erodes.

Mike Bloomberg, and Joe Biden represent the worst kind of liberal. They attempt to hide their disdain for the Democratic base by throwing scraps at our feet. Bloomberg, after a decade of siccing his rabid dogs on innocent Americans, even children, ensnared in the school to prison pipeline, says he is going to invest 70 Billion into 100 poverty stricken areas across the nation as an olive branch to the community he terrorized for 12 years. The problem is and the base knows this is, Mike’s plan is a “place” based plan,” although his fallacious tough on crime policy was a “race” based plan.” Native Black Americans aren’t buying it! We see you charlatans for who you are, not the color of your party’s mascot. We’re not voting blue-no-matter-who, jackasses!

If the Democrats don’t figure out who their base has been for the past 50 years and adopt a true Black Agenda, they better hope the impeachment works. If not, four more years of Trump is looking pretty likely. However, even with Trump out of the picture, Democrats have been exposed for the backstabbers they are and it will continue to haunt them long after the 2020 elections.

Headcrack – Parchman Prison

Not the dice game, Cee-lo, played in the inner cities and rural America, but what I witnessed scrolling through today’s headlines, opinions and trends, is enough to make a headcrack, literally. Any sensible mind would explode if not equipped with a safety valve to diffuse and release. Public deception is a well polished working apparatus.

Trending? Trending is Drake and Future dropping a new single, and the masses of the least of these flocking to it like sheep to a flame. What are the robots drunk on? Honestly, the hardest part of writing this is having to sift through the babble in the comment section under their new video to see what’s being said about it by the mindless robots, sheep for the slaughter – lamb chops!

The song is about bitches, drugs, and money. The masses are thoroughly enthralled and seem to love it.

On the other side of reality, Black Americans are dealing with prosecutors, judges, and juries, like in Willie Nash’s case, who was originally charged with a misdemeanor, but ended up being charged and sentenced to twelve years behind bars. Mr Nash received the heavy sentence for having a cell phone. He asked a guard to charge his phone after being booked and placed in his cell. One of the staff failed to confiscate the cell phone upon entry, however the judicial system decided a dozen years in prison was appropriate, although it was the correctional facility’s error. Willie Nash is a husband and a father to three young girls. The government, and too many of our fellow citizens have little to no issue breaking up Black families, and destroying their lives. All the while our own people are obsessed with Drake and Future cursing to a beat.

Mr. Nash is hardly alone, Mississippi has the third largest prison population in the nation. Parchman prison is one of the worst in America. In the first week of January, five inmates were shanked-up and murdered. Pictures of dead and mutilated bodies were leaked to the media and family members, showing the violence and carnage which is said to be inflamed by correctional officers who provide rivals with weapons and keys to one another’s cells for ambush attacks. Staff are encouraging the violence.

Kudos to Yandy Smith from Love and Hip Hop NY for traveling from Harlem to Jackson Mississippi’s Parchman prison to raise awareness to the human rights violations that our Black brothers and sisters are experiencing in this and many other prisons and jails.

There’s a time, eh, for Future and Drake collaborations, and I’m glad that they’re ‘Living Good,’ but slinging lyrics about a lifestyle which helps to fill penitentiary beds isn’t helping Black America in 2020. This ain’t a game, it’s really life and death!